5 Benefits of a Makeup Free Life

December 18, 2018

It has been exactly 2 months since I have taken a conscious decision to stop wearing a single bit of makeup. I was not a particularly heavy user, but I used a mascara and a blusher on a daily basis. Occasionally I liked to put bright red lipstick on my lips, having full faith that it made me look stronger and sexy.


Today, I am 29 years old and I have been wearing makeup since I was 14 years old. I’ve been a very loyal customer to the cosmetics world, always buying the best of the best. I used to spend around $1,500 yearly on these chemical products, now my yearly budget is…. $300 on natural organic almost edible oils and potions. And by the way, today my skin is healthier than it has ever been. Ironic?


So what was the trigger for me to go make up free? Every time I met a woman without any make up, I thought to myself “Wow, I so admire her confidence, her courage and her beautiful skin, she looks so pure”. And I finally questioned myself what is holding me back to attain that “confidence, courage, beautiful skin and purity”?


My insecurity on what will people think about my pale “naked” face.


In the face of this pathetic belief I wanted to challenge myself and go makeup free for a month...and today (2 months later) I still cannot understand why did I ever use outside tools to enhance my face? I accept my face as it is.


When I did stop wearing makeup I had to look after my skin more. I started practicing face fitness, learnt the proper way to apply cream in order to enhance the lymphatic system on my face, do weekly face masks, frequent face scrubs and most importantly started appreciating the features on my face rather than always finding ways to cover them up or enhance them unnaturally.


I strongly believe that this inner confidence and contentment are now reflecting on my face, and I am getting more compliments than ever before! I didn’t suddenly get larger eyes, a smaller nose, and a freckle free face…The difference is that I now wear my natural look with confidence and that was the key all along.


I have done corporate presentations, recorded videos, did a photoshoot for my next book cover, met with clients, gone out for social settings – all make up free and I will keep it that way. I want to advocate confidence, courage and appreciation of what you already have. Enhance your skin from the inside by taking care of your diet, and from the outside by using the right type of products and practice face fitness.


Are you ready to give it a try? You can also contact me direct to inquire about the face fitness programs, in which we also talk about skincare routine and make up free life.


Here are some of the benefits I noticed from a Make Up free life.


(1) More time on your hands.

No need to take off the makeup before bed time…brush teeth, wash your face, apply oil and sleep!


(2) Getting ready is a 1-minute job!

Get dressed, brush your hair and out the door!


(3) Quality of the skin improves.

A makeup free skin can finally breathe. Besides as mentioned earlier, once you stop wearing makeup, you will choose to create a very natural facial skin care routine which will improve the quality of your skin in no time!


(4) More confident and self- secure.

To be quite frank nobody really cares if you are wearing makeup or not. Men don’t quite notice the difference, women on the other hand will definitely notice your makeup free face, and they will envy your courage, your confidence and your good quality skin.


(5) Save lots of money!

Invest in natural organic products that will nourish your skin long-term and that don’t cost you a bomb. One day cream, one night oil, one face scrub and that’s it! For most of my face masks and even scrubs, I can find the ingredients in my kitchen.


If you learn to admire yourself without any paint on your face, you grow from the inside out. You develop a certain level of confidence and also power - a power to live your life by your own rules.  


There is also the health aspect not to overlook. Our skin is the largest organ in the body, it absorbs much of what you put on it. The chemicals go through to the bloodstream and poison our body little by little day by day. The side effects of these toxins found in your products could lead to a weaker immune system which is enough for any health concerns to break out: skin issues, digestive issues, common colds, mood swings, and even cancer (as some of the chemicals in the products are carcinogenic).


So to conclude a Makeup Free life is the new sexy thing! Get on the wagon, explore the possibilities and reap the benefits!

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5 Benefits of a Makeup Free Life

December 18, 2018

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