10 Ways To Live A "Green" Life

August 15, 2018


 If you haven't started recycling yet, have you questioned why? Is it because you don't know where to start or because you think one person recycling is not going to change the fate of planet Earth? I used to think the same, until I experienced a serious shift. And that shift happened when I studied the horrendous statistics of plastic in the world, the terrifying future of the fish in the sea, and everything else to do with the environment. My next thought was: "Hold on a second, I am a GUEST on this planet, and Mother Nature has already given me so much, so how can I reciprocate? How can I give back?"


Recycling, saving water and electricity, purchasing less plastic bottles and plastic packages, drinking Kangen water (!), using natural soaps and detergents, feeding wild birds and simply being grateful to nature – these are my ways to be a responsible habitat on this planet.


First let’s understand why plastic is such a taboo and read an extract from my yet to be published book:


“Plastic was created in 1907, when scientists have learnt to break down crude oil to form polymers i.e. plastic which can form any shape desired…Today it is considered to be the No.1 mass killer for the environment and its inhabitants – humans and animals alike. The main reason is because industries started using plastic for products that end up in the trash. And it wouldn’t be a problem, if plastic didn’t take from 500 to 1,000 years to degrade. According to the extensive study by the UN Environment Program, 40% of plastic produced is used for packaging alone! Since 1907, 8.3bn metric tonnes of plastic were produced into the world, 335mn metric tonnes in 2016 alone. Since 1907, more than 6.3bn metric tonnes of plastic have become waste, 9% of which was recycled, 12% of it was burnt (imagine the air pollution!) and 79% is somewhere lying around the world… around 13mn tonnes of it ends up in the ocean every single year. And sure the number will be increasing as the world population rises. This is such a huge number that it can outweigh the amount of fish by 2050.”


The figures are shocking, and the upward curve of plastic production and consumption has no plan of turning downwards, quite the opposite. Are we going to sink in our own trash as we will have no way of getting rid of it? The planet is being suffocated by the consequences of human behavior and nobody knows what to expect from the not far away future.


Mulling over the statistics, sympathizing with the fish, counting years to 2050, I realized I need a perception reset. So instead of saying “how can I, one person, save the planet?” to “the health of the planet depends on me”. And from that point onward I revamped my whole behavior in the following ways:


1. Dividing the waste into glass, paper, plastic, tins & cans and taking them to recycling areas. I also wash every bit of plastic, glass or tin to get rid of the food in order to help out the recycling process. I have noticed that the amount of trash in my general waste has decreased drastically!


2. I purchase recycled rubbish bags for general waste. I even buy the ones that have a lavender flavor, thus your trash starts smelling lavender-ish!


3. I drink filtered water (Kangen Water) and do not purchase plastic bottles anymore.

4. I buy my groceries from a local farm (without packaging) or from an online delivery that packs the food in recyclable plastic packaging. ( /


5. I use natural soaps instead of buying shampoo bottles and shower gels.

6. I use natural toothpaste powder that comes in a glass bottle rather than toothpaste tube.


7. I make my own laundry detergent and my own dish-washing liquid. You can find a whole bunch of recipes online or in my soon to be released book!


8. I buy my cosmetics from conscious brands that use glass jars and no testing on animals.


9. I turn on the switches for the plugs only when I need it. And of course, trying to not forget to turn lights off.


10. I have bowls with hulled millet and water on my balcony for the birds outside.  


These are the simplest ways to save electricity and use less plastic, and even if you do, please recycle. Being kind to our planet doesn’t cost us anything but for the planet it could mean more years of life. If you have any questions with regards to recycling or on any of the above ways, please do get in touch with me so I can provide further guidance!  


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