Top 10 Healthy Eateries of Dubai

April 28, 2018


With every month, there is a new healthy eating spot opening in Dubai. I remember clearly about 4 years ago, Waitrose supermarket was the only one selling Quinoa and it was out of stock most of the time. Kale was not really known until the green smoothie trend started and avocado…well avocado is just the coolest kid in town. All I am saying is that Dubai has really developed its healthy eating culture over the past 4 years, to an extent if you don’t provide plant based milk at your restaurant, then I am sorry you are so behind. In comparison to Melbourne, New York, Cape Town…we are still awfully behind, but nevertheless there are plenty options and absolute no excuse to be unhealthy.


In this article, I will list my top 10 healthy eateries of Dubai. I suggest you follow them all on Instagram or FB, and whenever the chance arises go check them out for yourself and let me know which one is your favorite!


Dubai Eat Well

Recently explored, this restaurant is placed in the Herbal & Treatments Center, Zabeel. Very interesting and colorful menu, the portions were huge and I loved their complementary appetizer: veggie sticks with beetroot hummus and olive tapenade. Refillable lemon water, set business lunch, exciting healthy dessert menu and very friendly staff! I know it may be a little bit far location wise, but do give it a try. You will not be disappointed.

Favorite: Baked sweet potato with squash and avocado dressing

Set business lunch: appetizer + main – AED 70


Zabeel 1




The Poke bowl trend is out in town. A trend or not, it is delicious and so healthy! My favorite base of wild rice with fresh salmon and a whole load of toppings: avocado, edamame beans, cherry tomatoes, kale, seaweed and so on. They deliver!

Medium size bowl: AED 65


Jumeira Street, Um Suqeim 2




The place where they steam everything! Reasonably priced, they also offer meal plans. Once you choose your base, your protein and your toppings, the bowl is put inside a large steaming machine and voila it’s ready! With all the nutrition preserved in your food, you can enjoy a balanced delicious lunch or dinner.

Favorite: quinoa, vegetable balls, avocado, cherry tomatoes, pok choy, broccoli with pesto sauce.

Average Price: AED 40


JLT, Cluster F

11am – 12.30pm


URTH by Nabz & G

A vegan eatery owned by awesome people! Everything in that place is so earthy, so charming and positive. The food already becomes healthy as it’s energized by the atmosphere. Vegan burger, papaya spring rolls, miso baked salmon ( the only non-vegan item there) – everything is so inviting and tasty! Perfect place to eat and work.

Average Price: AED 50


JLT, Cluster I



Friends Avenue

These guys are constantly improving and changing their menu towards better and better. Last time they surprised me with their Sunshine granola and Matcha Latter (almond milk). These two items definitely were not on offer few years ago when they just opened. A clear example of meeting people’s demands. Healthy menu, nice atmosphere, great place for a catch up or solitude time. From seafood to chicken, steak to healthy salads, there is something for absolutely everyone!

Average Price: AED 50


JLT, Cluster T (also in Motor City)




A place close to my heart. Best breakfast in town, best staff and very nice family atmosphere. Aside from breakfast I enjoy my salads there and they have great selection for roasted chicken, seafood and scrumptious falafel bowls. If you still have not been to this place, you are missing out! Be aware, Friday morning breakfast queues get long…

Average Price: AED 60


Al Manara, Sheikh Zayed Road

(next to Jones the Grocer)

8am-10pm (Sundays until 5pm)


Cycle Hub

A paleo restaurant that has a great selection of vegetarian options. Great quality meat, organic eggs, huge coconuts and so much more. Also known for their roast dinners every Wednesday.

Average Price: AED 60


Motor City, Autodrome

Check timings on Google as they vary.



They have a bit of everything, but they stole my heart for their Bone Broth. The nutritional benefits of Bone Broth are uncountable, it is so good for the digestive system that it has a direct effect on our mood! You can have a cup of bone broth at the cool location or you can buy 1 Liter of Organic Bone Broth and have it at home. Mushroom Broth is also available for the vegetarian and vegans.

Average Price: AED 40


Al Serkal Avenue


(no website)



Want a salad? Barsalata is your place for the freshest ingredients, huge salads that you will probably eat for lunch and take for dinner. Create your own or choose one of their beautifully created salads and you cannot go wrong.

Average Price: AED 50


Downtown Boulevard & JLT Cluster Q





One of the most creative menu, creative venue and amazing staff. If it wasn’t so far from where I live, I would be there every day. Delicious matcha pancakes, acai bowls, ginger turmeric shots and so on. You name whatever healthy, and they have it.

Average Price: AED 40


Mirdiff, 35 Mall



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