Why should your company worry about YOUR HEALTH?

March 28, 2018


In the recent studies, it has been acknowledged that 90% of health issues and diseases arise from stress. It is a known factor that work is stressful. No matter what position one holds, no matter company size and no matter the income, people always say “there is too much stress at work” or “work is so stressful” or “I am so stressed out because of work”. Whatever way you say it, one of the main stress triggers for your body is your work environment. Hard not to believe, as 80% of your day is spent at the office, meetings, work travel, site visits, trying to close deals, reach financial targets and so on. Unless of course you are a Yogi, and live in the Himalayas, where you have no bills to pay and no calls/emails to answer.


Most people prioritise their career growth over health, and sometimes even relationships. To have a career growth provides financial stability and comfortable living conditions, secures the future and takes care of children’s education. The aim of so many people, and rightly so. However, the fast-paced life is pushing us into a corner where we need to reply to emails almost immediately, where we need to be always accessible, where we need to be in three different places all at the same time, where perfection is the only way forward, and in this “corner” the only imperfect or almost malfunctioning element is your body. An element, without which, you wouldn’t be. So when the body is malfunctioning, it is a bigger risk to your career growth than an unanswered email or failed deal.


“I know health is important, but I really don’t have the time or the energy to educate myself about it and change my lifestyle, work is so busy” – a common answer from most young professionals.


The problem is that the body is not infinite, it does break down and eventually will not be able to accompany you in life anymore. It is with light symptoms of headaches, weak immune system, weight gain, allergies and damaged digestive system that our body speaks to us and asks to slow down, to wake up and take care of the body. And when this “language of the body” is not heard and not understood, it is then that we hit a wall and get a chronic illness such as diabetes, gout, hypertension, dyslipidaemia, cancer and so on. And suddenly a bright future of a successful career and a happy family life, becomes not so bright filled with medications, hospital visits and chronic weakness.


What can be done? It is not the responsibility of an organisation to remind their employees to take care of their body and drink more water, however it is a way to express APPRECIATION and GRATITUDE for their employees. After all, without a team, the organisation wouldn’t be. Every employee is like a vital organ or a cell in the organisation. Just like we need to look after every part of the body, I advise that we look after every employee, because in the end everything is inter-connected.


And that is why, corporate wellness is important. The right corporate wellness program for your organisation can motivate and inspire your team members to be more mindful about their eating habits, their resistance to stress, their activity level and bring their body back  into balance. Once the team enjoys a balanced work-health lifestyle, the organisation as a whole will benefit: fewer sick leaves, less cost on medical expenses, meeting project due dates, employee retention, higher enthusiasm and energy in the company.   


An effective corporate wellness program is the only company investment that will return double happiness, health and wealth. And I would also like to add:  Your team should not be an obstacle to company growth, yet a strong vehicle to achieving goals and beyond.


To know more about Corporate Wellness Programs that I offer, please send an email for the brochure. 

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