Organic Food: Just A Marketing Tool?

February 25, 2018

You might have noticed the recent craze for organic products. When it’s organic, then naturally it is better and of course more expensive. From organic vegetables, organic chicken, organic nuts to organic shampoos and organic toilet cleaners. Soon we will be brainwashed to buy organic umbrellas and organic furniture, simply because it’s “organic”. Many of us take the word “organic” close to heart, but many of us see it as a marketing tool, and believe that nothing truly is organic anymore. I thought I'll clear some questions for you...


What is ORGANIC? And why is it important to buy ORGANIC?


The word organic means something that grows without any interference. Just like your business can grow organically without any heavy investment into FB ads and Google ads. So if an apple tree can grow without being sprayed with various pesticides and herbicides, and the chickens are let to roam around, without being injected with various hormones and antibiotics then these products are considered natural and clean i.e. organic. Not until long ago, everything that our grand-grand-parents grew up on was natural and clean, and it was only in 1940s when a Swiss chemist, Paul Muller discovered the first synthetic pesticide called “dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane” or DDT, which was able to kill the pests that were destroying the farming businesses. Muller was awarded with a Noble Prize for his discovery and we got awarded with a bright future full of disease outbreaks, as suddenly we went from eating food to eating chemicals.


Eating food sprayed with chemicals can lead to birth defects, neurological disorders (such as ADHD), chronic diseases like diabetes, and degenerative diseases such as cancer to name the least. 


And this is my wake up call to you:

The chemicals that our food is being sprayed with aim to kill the brain of the ants and other pests, and it’s only a MATTER OF TIME when this consistent intake of these chemicals bring our brain and our body to a complete stop.


When you think you are shopping for food, you are not, you are shopping for chemicalized products that have been artificially grown. When you buying chicken or meat, you must think of the amount of hormones and antibiotics this animal was injected first before it was killed. How do you see your body cells thriving and regenerating on this chemicalized, de-stressed foods?


Not only is your chicken or cow injected with various hormones and antibiotics, but also treated poorly and FED with the cheapest grains. How do you expect it to give you the nourishment you expect: protein, vitamins, minerals?


Unfortunately, our world has turned so commercial and greedy, that it would rather feed chemicals to create and treat disease, rather than feed natural foods in order to prevent disease.  


I do urge you to research where can you buy local organic in your area. It is best not to buy organic in the supermarkets, but directly from the farms so you can help them be sustainable. You will spend a little more money on your groceries, but the result of clean eating will be so obvious on your health, on your energy, on your focus and even your mood.


Here are top 12 foods that must be bought organic:















What if I can’t buy organic?

It would be a good idea for you to soak your fruits and vegetables in water with Apple Cider Vinegar. This mix will be able to remove some of the pesticides from your foods. Or you can just remove the peel of the fruits and vegetables where possible. My advice is don’t be frightened by the word ‘organic’, do your research, calculations and make the right choice for your health and the health of your family.


Where do I personally stand? I buy organic products for my skin and hair, and I buy organic cleaning products for the house. I buy organic eggs, chicken, meat and fish and different types of grains and flour, and of course organic fruits and vegetables. I strongly recommend for the readers in Dubai to try out your organic shopping from or All their products are organic and locally grown! I wouldn’t want something that is flown to me across the seas and oceans, polluting half of the world, can I still keep my mind at peace with this environmentally unfriendly “organic” food?

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