Which Diet Can Prevent Dis-ease?

February 19, 2018


Food can either be acid-forming or alkaline-forming in our body. Various forms of liquids can also be either acid-forming or alkaline-forming in our body. And as a result, the BODY can either thrive or fail depending on which state it is MORE in: acid or alkaline.


Can you guess what is the BETTER state to be in? Acid or alkaline? Well, both are relevant. A golden balance between the two is important for a healthy, functioning body. It’s not good to be too acidic, which causes acidosis, and it’s not good to be too alkaline, which causes alkalosis. Of course, a balanced diet, with good quality water and little antibiotics/medication is the perfect prescription. 

An acid environment in the body suppresses the immune system, allows the bad bacteria in our digestive system to thrive, increases the acidity in our stomach to higher levels leading to ulcers or acid re-flux and allows the Uric Acid in our blood to increase leading to Gout. A highly acidic environment of our body is a perfect state for all sorts of health issues to develop in our system, including cancer. 

In addition to the above, Dr. Otto Warburg, a Nobel Prize winner in 1931 for cancer discovery, has confirmed in his research:

“NO disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment.” 

An alkaline environment protects our body, increases the functioning of every cell and organ, and prevents diseases such as diabetes, kidney malfunctions, heart disease and much more. 

According to the health experts, 75% of your food should come from alkaline sources, and 25% from acidic sources. For example, combining broccoli (alkaline) and other green vegetables with an animal protein like chicken (acidic) can create this balance for easier digestion and good nutrient absorption.  


Follow the table below to see which foods are alkaline and acidic. And even when you click on the image you will be able to download the PDF of the image and use it from time to time.

What do you think your diet is more consistent of: alkaline foods or acidic foods?

Could you perhaps move towards the alkaline state more?

 A simple rule of thumb, eat vegetables three times a day:

1) Green smoothie for breakfast

2) Big veggie salad for lunch 

3) Vegetable soup for dinner.

And of course you can combine all of the above with a small quantity of acid-forming foods.

I really do experience wonders with clients who shift their diets to a more alkaline style. They become more energetic, more healthy and more balanced in nutrition as well as in life overall!



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