What is Better: Low Fat Milk, Full Fat Milk or None At All?

October 2, 2017


In my week of free Skype consultations, I have realized through chatting to the individuals that every single one of them has thought that skimmed milk is the better option. By choosing low fat, they avoid the so-called dangerous fat that contributes to weight gain, cholesterol and so on. I want to take this opportunity to reveal the truth for you. I sincerely hope you will read on.


Eating fat makes you fat – it’s a pretty logical statement because of which back in the 1970s we have been faced with new nutritional guidelines promoting a low-fat diet: low fat yogurts, skimmed milk, low fat butters and vegetable oils. Also please note that back in the 70s there was not a single state in the US with an obesity rate higher than 20%, BUT by 2010 there is only ONE state left that has an obesity rate lower than 20%. So do we blame the evolution, the genes or could it be that the nutritional guidelines have lead to a more disastrous public health?


By removing the fat from the yogurt or the milk, the manufacturer has to inject the product with more sugar and other preservatives, otherwise how will the product serve the shelf-life? You can experiment yourself: go to a supermarket shelf, pick up low fat yogurt and full fat yogurt. Check the product composition and compare the sugar quantity in each one. You will be surprised to note that the sugar in the low-fat product is higher than in the full fat.


By suggesting a low-fat diet, many people have gone out to count calories. If it is a low fat product, it has fewer calories therefore it is ok to consume in large quantities. This could be referred to low-fat cookies or even low-fat butters. By doing so, we have invited an array of health problems into our lives…because in the meanwhile, what was and still remains the MAIN culprit to health degradation?




Not fat. Not high calories. Just sugar. Enjoying skinny lattes, thinking it will not contribute to the weight gain is the wrong type of thinking. Eating cereal with skimmed milk equals to around 30g of sugar in a single morning meal! Counting your sugar intake has become so much more relevant these days because we are bombarded with everything packaged, bottled, canned. Sugar is in everywhere and it is secretly contributing to our weight gain without us even knowing.


Why does Sugar make me gain weight?

When you consume sugar (breads, white rice, desserts, sweet drinks), the body will use the sugar for energy, and whatever it cannot use it will turn it into fat in order to get it out of your body, and this is how we start to gain weight. Eventually, even the fat stores can’t get filled up anymore, and you have sugar floating in your blood stream which then triggers cases of diabetes.


How about NO milk at all?

We as humans are not meant to drink another animal’s milk. However, also the quality of the milk today is completely different to what it used be decades ago, simply because the cows are not at their best health anymore.


I say cut out the milk, cut out the coffee, count your sugar intake and see yourself succeed in your journey to perfect health!


To help you start your journey purchase my book "Wake Up! Stop Snoozing on your Health!", which will give you a quick and easy start to your healthy self!

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