Little Secret: You Can Live Without Coffee

September 25, 2017

WHAT? Is the usual reaction I get from people when I tell them the brutal truth: You can wake up and feel amazing, energetic and positive without a cup of coffee. “But I can never give up the coffee…I have terrible headaches if I don’t have that one cup!”

Did you ever wonder why you have a headache when you stop drinking coffee? Did you ever wonder why does the headache last for 3 exact days, for some people even more days, if you didn’t take your usual portion of caffeine? Withdrawal symptoms from something so innocent as coffee…


Agree or disagree, I stick to my philosophy that coffee should not be consumed on a daily basis, because I have seen people thrive after they finally give it up.


So many people tell me “I eat so healthy, but not quite sure why I am bloated during the day…and why my energy is a little low in the afternoon. But I eat VERY healthy!” Typical thinking process of so many people, and when they give me a chance to inquire about their “HEALTHY DIET”, nothing is so far from the truth.


Morning Coffee

The truth is drinking coffee with milk first thing in the morning is not a healthy start. Having slept for 6-7 hours, your body is totally dehydrated, water comes out of your” eyeballs” during your sleep! And the last thing it wants is a cup of coffee which is even more dehydrating.  Besides why rely on some stimulant to wake you up in the morning? Where has your natural energy gone? Let me tell you a secret about coffee: a cup of coffee at 8am leaves you with 15% of caffeine by 8pm. Imagine if you had a cup of coffee at 8am, 1pm, 4pm…how much caffeine is in your body before sleep? – way too much. Due to the high content of caffeine in your body, you might fall asleep but the quality and depth of your sleep are far from perfect. As a result you wake up in the morning, tired and the first thing you reach out for is coffee. You become stuck in a vicious coffee cycle, always tired, always feeling some sort of migraine or headache.


Afternoon Headaches / Persistent Migraines

I once worked with a client, who suffered from severe migraines, so severe that the client would end up vomiting and rushing to the hospital. She did indulge in 5 Turkish coffees in a day however, and never even thought that the migraines could be connected to the caffeine overload. Once we removed the Turkish coffee completely  out of her life, guess what else was removed completely out of her life? The migraine attacks.


Light Sleep

Sleep does get affected by coffee. Once a client even proved to me that once there was no coffee in the day, her Sleep Monitor device was able to measure a much longer ‘deep sleep’, which increased to 2 hours and a half, whereas before it was just under 1 hour. Of course you may fall asleep, but did you ever consider the quality of your sleep? And the energy you wake up with in the morning?


Coffee during pregnancy

I say, stay away from it. Various research has been done, and one of them even indicates that “every 100 mg of caffeine consumed by the mother per day equated

to a nearly one ounce reduction in the baby's weight at birth” - Norwegian study

Dr. Jennifer Wu, an obstetrician/gynecologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, says “We do know that caffeine crosses the placenta and the baby is not able to metabolize it very well, [so] it may affect some of the factors associated with growth.'


Leave the coffee out from the daily intake, enjoy 700ml-1L of water every morning and notice how everything will slowly fall into balance!


For more tips, sign up for a free 20 minute Skype call to get a quick glance what work could be done with a Health Coach!


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