Who needs a Health Coach?

September 21, 2017

Every time someone feels some sort of discomfort in their body they go to the doctor, and rightly so. It is important to get an accurate diagnosis, do the list of blood results, get a medical opinion and follow it if necessary. However, there are a bunch of concerns that require a LIFESTYLE change. And this is when a Health Coach comes in who will hold your hand whilst you walk "up the steps" to the real YOU.


Let me list the symptoms and various health discomforts that a Health Coach could assist you with:

  • Desire to lose or gain weight

  • Stomach pain and bloating

  • Regular constipation or diarrhea

  • Feeling always tired

  • Problematic sleep

  • Skin problems and hair fall

  • Joint pain

  • Abnormal blood results (cholesterol, sugar, hormones etc)

It is possibly difficult to believe that lifestyle changes could assist on correcting most of the concerns listed, but this is the sweet reality! In addition, as a Health Coach we educate you on various foods, healthy habits and tips, and most importantly what is right for you. If you are not experiencing a list of discomforts but you simply want to learn how to live a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle, then working with a Health Coach is for you!


I always mention in my presentations how we have forgotten how to eat, how to look after ourselves and sometimes we need that someone (a Health Coach) to slow us down and pay attention. I work with various people, helping them adjust their routine and lifestyle…after one week they already feel different thinking I am some kind of a magician. But all I have done is diverted your attention to your body and health.


Moreover, a Health Coach listens. How often do you find people actually listening to you, without thinking about time, their own concerns, looking at their phone or being negative? One of the most amazing attributes of a Health Coach that we get taught, is we listen wholeheartedly without interruption and only try to understand more and more of you.


If you think that you need one of these people in your life right now, then don’t hesitate at all. It will be a transformational period and you might just be awoken from the dream that you’ve been living in for far too long.


Similarly, if signing up with a Health Coach sounds too daunting, then get the book "Wake Up! Stop Snoozing on Your Health" to get you going!



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