7-Day Post Ramadan Recovery Program

June 16, 2017


Ramadan is soon approaching the end, and many of you are looking forward to Eid celebrations when one can indulge on coffee, food and sweets all day long. That's ok. However, what comes after the month of fasting and heavy celebrations is a body thrown out of balance. Many experience sleeping problems, digestive issues, weight gain and very much struggle to return to a normal routine. 



To help you shed off the extra weight, deepen your sleep and assist your bodily functions to normalise again, I propose the 7-Day Post Ramadan Recovery Program which will help you immensely on all points mentioned above. 


Decide when you want to start, ask a friend to join in with you for accountability, do the necessary shopping and have fun!


Shopping List (from "Wake Up! Stop Snoozing on your Health!")

Day 1: Liquid Cleanse

Spend the whole day drinking water, herbal teas and green juice. Total intake should be around 3-3.5L. It may sound scary and even unnecessary, yet it is the most important day you can gift to your body to fully recover. This will hydrate, cleanse and detox your body from toxins that may have build up. 


Day 2 - Day 7: Breakfast 

Considering the digestive system may be slow to start functioning immediately after fasting, start your day with fruits and green smoothies only. If that is not filling enough add 1/2 avocado sprinkled with some sea salt and lemon juice. 


Day 2 - Day 7: Lunch/ Dinner 

It is best to stick to a vegetarian diet during the recovery week, in order to not burden the digestive system with more meats, as it takes 72hrs to digest an animal product. Have plenty of vegetables with brown rice, buckwheat or quinoa as your grain. Occasional fish would also be ok. Avoid bread, white potatoes, white rice, pasta, sugary drinks and desserts. Stick to the foods in the shopping list for the entire week, and thereafter if you wish! 


Detox Bath: 

Day 3 of the program will be the day to detox inside out during an Apple Cider Vinegar bath. Best done in the morning or afternoon, fill up your tub with hot water, pour in a cup of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, 2-3tbsp of coconut oil and sit in for a maximum of 20 minutes. After, try not to rinse for 3-4 hours. This bath is extremely effective in drawing out any toxins out of you, and even reducing your Uric Acid if your meat intake was a little too much recently... You will sweat a lot. 


Sleep support: 

To help you normalise your sleep, consider taking Magnesium 250mg before your bed time from day 2 of the program. Bed time during the recovery week should be around 10-11pm, no later. 

In addition to normalise your sleep pattern, you may take a bath with 1 cup of Epsom Salts and few drops of Lavender Essential Oil. Sit in the warm bath for 20min, and retire to your bed. You can try this from day 4 of the program, after the Detox bath. 

Epsom Salts can be bought in any large supermarket. 


The main task of the week would be to watch what you eat. I never focus on quantity, but I am very strict with the quality of the food. Stick to a wholesome diet - a diet full of real food, not packaged with a shelf life. 


It is a very simple week, yes it will be so effective if you follow through! You will certainly lose weight, feel more energetic and enjoy a good sleep. 


If you feel you need more information for the program and further guidance, consider purchasing my book (AED 100), which has a 5-week program to help you detox and lose the extra weight. See below where you can purchase the book or simply go to to purchase online (international orders available). For private health consultations email to










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