Yoga: It Is Not What You Think It Is.

February 14, 2017



How many of us fall into a trap believing that Yoga is only for flexible people? Do you see those crazy Instagram posts of bendy girls promoting Yoga and think to yourself: Wow, Yoga is definitely not for me. If you have been to a yoga studio, you must have noticed how the people around you are already pretty fit, slim and flexible? During your first Yoga class you either found it too slow and boring, or too hard and fast, causing you to lose your breath and sweat a puddle on your yoga mat.


This commercial picture that Yoga has received in today’s world is so far removed from the truth of this ancient Science. Yoga was not created in some particular year by some particular person, who then received a Noble Prize for it.  Absolutely not.  Yogic knowledge, observed first from the animals and nature thousands of years ago, has been passed down through one generation to another, and today if practiced wisely allows every human being to be calm, quiet in the mind and be comfortable in the space of their own body – which is the essence and purpose of Yoga.


The difference between strenuous physical exercise and Yoga:


Flexibility is the foundation of every sport.


This is not to say stop whatever you are doing, and sign up to a Yoga studio. Please continue with your sports, because they make you happy and healthy. However, introducing a short asana sequence into your daily routine will only complement your sport and will enable you to get even better! Yoga will also teach you how to slow down your breath, the skill which then can be introduced into your practiced sport.


There is no limit in age to practice Yoga. Young or old all have the ability to move right? So then they can move in such way, in accordance with their breath, that will resemble a simple Yogic practice.


If you are overweight, cannot touch your toes or simply not attracted to the idea of moving your body in funny ways? Then you are my student. I love having beginners in my class, it is such an honor to introduce them to their own bodies and get them to fall in love again. If interested, join me for a 6-week Eat The Sun Yoga starting on 7th of March for AED 400 only! During the class not only will you learn how to move your body through the asanas but will also realize the connection between Yoga and it’s attributes to your life in general.


If you cannot commit to weekly classes, then you can certainly commit to 5 minutes every morning to carry out an easy sequence which will carry you into the day bright and full of energy. Visit the Eat The Sun YouTube Channel for 5 minute yoga videos with me!


If I managed to convince you to start practicing yoga, no matter all of your limiting beliefs, then my mission for today has been accomplished. If I haven’t, then you are probably not ready. Wait until my next post….




Nigora x

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