No to Painkillers: why do you think it's ok to take painkillers?

February 7, 2017

Headaches, migraines, menstrual cramps, runny nose, sore throat – how many times in your life have you reached out to a pill to suppress the pain in your body? How many times a month do you still reach out to some sort of drug for aid? How many times a week?


I’ve had many clients in my experience who have been taking various painkillers without even considering the process the body undergoes in order to break down the chemical. Do you know that whatever painkiller you take, it is not actually aware what hurts in your body, so it targets the whole system? Numbing the entire body, shutting down the voice of your body for help, and you will never understand the reason behind this particular ache or cramp.  


Pain is good. It is a sign of increased inflammation in the body, which is trying to fight some sort of internal troublesome situation. Bingo! Internal troublesome situation – the root cause of migraines, cramps, headaches, PMS cramps and other aches in the body.  The painkiller will not target the internal troublesome situation, but only suppress the pain it is causing, so that you my friend will feel comfortable again. So many of us want fast relief, so many of us want to keep going, keep running and any obstacle from the body is a nuisance. Shut it down! No time for that!


Being used to the thought of taking drugs for pain relief causes damage to your liver and kidneys, stomach and intestines. If you take pills on a regular basis, the side-effects extend to heart and brain health. So literally, your whole body suffers from your disregard and ignorance.


Imagine this: you are speeding down a path, rushing to nowhere, and there is a little child following you. After some time the little child starts crying because he/she is out of breath, and you just smack the child on the head. The child swallowed the pain and keeps rushing after you. After some more time, the child starts crying because she/he hurt their foot, and you just smack the child on the head. The child swallowed the pain, experiencing the shock on the whole body, and keeps rushing after you….and so on, until the child stops, and you find yourself alone on the path going to nowhere. Do not take painkillers just because the pain is causing you annoyance, frustration and inconvenience, because sooner or later, your body will not follow you anymore. STOP and think, what is the real problem?


Possible reasons for a headache: dehydration, lack of sleep, low-quality sleep, food allergens, too much sugar in the diet, wheat intolerance.


Possible reasons for a migraine: improper breathing patterns, high inflammation in the body, food allergens, wheat intolerance, lactose intolerance, too much caffeine, dysfunctional gut system.


Possible reasons for PMS cramps: lack of water during period, too much sugar in the diet, lactose intolerance.


Possible reasons for frequent colds and flu: low immune system, malnourished (lack of nutrients in the diet).


I am not saying if you stop eating bread for one day, and your migraines will disappear. Absolutely not, it does take time and a determined lifestyle shift in order to feel the positive effect. It usually takes a minimum of 21 days to re-program your system and allow your body to adjust to a new lifestyle routine, new health elements.


If you have the desire to figure it out, then I strongly suggest for you to purchase my book "Wake Up! Stop snoozing on your health" , which will take you through the process of transformation. If you don’t have the desire to stop taking the medication, then every time you take a pill for pain relief, think of that child that you are smacking for absolutely no reason, which is your body.


It is not OK to take pills, and more importantly

it is not OK to have any pain at all.

Look deeper, pay attention and get down to the root cause.


I hope this is informative enough for you to stop and think.


May you all be healthy and pain free,





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