5 Fun Facts about being a Health Coach

January 23, 2017

Over 3 years ago I found myself very broken, unhealthy, unhappy and just lost in my own thoughts. I kept losing weight, I had severe stomach pains and didn’t know how and when will this be over. Some wise woman advised me to go on a detox. I had no clue what that even meant! Now every health advertisement you see has ‘detox’ in capital letters.  I followed her detox instructions and felt so good. Like never before. I felt my body, I felt the energy oozing out of me and I became so positive! And here I was, asking myself: how on earth does food affect my general well-being, my energy and even my mood?? I started researching, reading and came across the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, which offers a 1-year online course about the holistic approach to help oneself and even gives you the qualification to help others on their journey to infinite health and energy. I signed up immediately and life since then has been a conscious always evolving adventure.


Here are 5 fun facts out of my life, at which I laugh and most certainly other people laugh as well…but my answer to them is: “Well at least I am healthy….” Ouch. Lol.

  1. Wake me up at 3am and I will health coach you: since I have started coaching clients, I have really built up on my experience and able to face any obstacle, figuring the way out of it. So even if you wake me up in the middle of the night, I will figure it all out for you.

  2. Just ask me: I love when people ask me for an advise on health & nutrition. I will talk non-stop, after which the person has probably regretted that they started the conversation.

  3. Food Police: my parents started hiding their ice-cream tubs and other naughty food items in the kitchen. I must admit they have become a lot healthier, having lost so much weight and improving their immune system, but they cannot live without cheating once in a while.

  4. ‘Health Coach’ trait built in my DNA: as a Health Coach, I want to help everyone. I will give health advice to a shop assistant or to the lady who does my manicure. I just cannot stop…

  5. No judging, I promise: sometimes when out in restaurants, friends or family members feel uncomfortable ordering unhealthy food in my presence, thinking I will judge. And I do. LOL. I’m joking. I want people to be relaxed and enjoy the company and good conversation. But once you become my client…then put your seat belt on, we will be going on a speed journey towards a state of health and happiness!

I love my job truly, and I love all my clients. Every single person who has worked with me is so unique, so special and is seeking for alternative ways to be healthy and happy. For anyone who approaches me for help, I love already because they have an inside voice which is telling them: “The answer is not in medication”.


I send my gratitude to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and to all my clients who have granted me their trust to help them on their journey. 




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