10 Reasons on why is it important to look after your health.

November 20, 2015

I have a beautiful client who came to me tired, unhealthy, disturbed, unbalanced with yellow skin and McDonald's as her source of energy and vitality. I saw her beautiful then, because through the running tears, I saw a sparkle of love, kindness and strength - her inner beauty. She was lost in life, and saw nothing beyond tomorrow. A pack of cigarettes, 10 cups of Nescafe, few pints of beer and other junkie items not considered to be food under the Eat the Sun umbrella, were fueling her body, brain and cells on a daily basis.


My verdict: you are on a path to a dead end. Harsh truth.


You can not trick your body in pretending that the lifestyle you live and the food you choose to nourish yourself will give you the utmost vitality and natural beauty. You simply cannot get away with it.


Look at yourself in the mirror: the dark circles under your eyes, the pale/yellow color of your skin, the tightness of your face after every wash, the yellow tongue, weak hair and breaking nails…What do these topical signs mean without even exploring what is going on inside of your digestive tract?


There is a reason for all these symptoms on surface: migraines, acne, insomnia, constipation, weak hair & nails. It is actually very simple. But I bet you a Harvard degree Law student or a CEO of a very successful corporation, neither of them would have told you: “It’s what you eat! Here, have some broccoli!”


Food affects how you look, how you think, act and talk, how you treat yourself and others. I stick to my theory and will do so until I cannot prove it, because that beautiful client of mine mentioned above has now transformed into an elegant swan with no coffees, no beers, no cigarettes and a natural glow from within.


She sees the 10 reasons and more for why one should eat healthy, and if you want to experience the same then jump on the Eat the Sun bandwagon!


  1. Uninterrupted, deep sleep

  2. Wake up fresh with full of energy

  3. Have the weight and body shape you want

  4. Clear and hydrated skin

  5. No eye bags, clear eye color

  6. Regular and easy toilet visits – no constipation

  7. Strong immune system – no sniffles, no coughs, no flus

  8. Clear thinking, positive attitude, more flexible

  9. Natural glow from within

  10. You are happy for no reason and every reason





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