Life Coaching 

8-Week Program

What does the program include?

The program is devised after having a 20 minute FREE Skype of "getting to know each other" consultation. As a client you must be ready to commit and be open to learnings and new changes. Depending on personal needs, the program can be customized accordingly, yet there is a set route to achieve an understanding of your inner self and build confidence to reach personal goals:

1. Study of the Unconscious Mind and the power of it over your life

2. Understanding My Reality and My Purpose in life.

3. My Book of Rules / My Values / My Beliefs / My needs

4. My Driving Question

5. Letting go off Past Negative Emotions

6. Letting go off Limiting Decisions & Beliefs

7. Forgiveness Meditation

8. Setting Future Goals

9. Devise a meditation practice

10. Provide a list of books to read for further self-growth and development

The total cost of 8-hr Skype Sessions is $800 (paid in advance, full payment through PayPal)

If you would like to conduct only ONE session, the price is at $130 (paid in advance, full payment through PayPal)