Health Coaching 

6-week program

Clear your skin, strengthen your nails and hair.

Learn how to live and eat in line with your personal needs

And much more...

Improve energy levels and concentration

Enjoy deep and uninterrupted sleep.

Repair the digestive system and eliminate bloatness.

What does the program include?

Taking into consideration individual concerns, the 6 week coaching program is customized according to the client's needs and abilities. During the program, the client meets Nigora for 1-hr every week for 6 weeks (through Skype consultations) to discuss progress, understand the new protocol for the upcoming week and learn something new every session! Following topics are covered during the sessions:

1. Current Lifestyle & Current Health Concerns

2. Week 1: Cleanse - necessary in order to reprogram oneself for the upcoming weeks, solely using natural foods

3. Week 2 to Week 5: Clean diet consistent of vegetables, fruits, protein, healthy carbs and lots of liquids

4. Client will receive Recipe booklet to assist in the health program

5. Client will receive education and guidance on proper breathing and essential breathing exercises

6. Client will receive educational handouts on the anatomy of the body & benefits of many health products 

7. Client will receive guidance on customized Yoga stretches to be performed at home

8. Client will receive guidance on personalized meditation routine targeting the issue of concern

The total cost of 6 Skype Sessions is $610 (paid in advance, full payment through PayPal)

If you would like to conduct only ONE Skype session, the price is at $110 (paid in advance, payment through PayPal)


Read the full Testimonials here

Mary Elias, Dubai

If I could sup up my experience with Eat The Sun in just two words it would be 'life changing'. Since the start of my program until now, my energy levels have changed, I feel empowered with my diet as I don’t crave unhealthy foods or drinks.  I am more active than I used to be and a lot happier overall.

DK, Toronto

Since I started my health journey with Nigora, I have received many compliments with regards to my skin looking better, my hair looking "fresh and alive" and ultimately my energy levels (this has been my most favourable noticeable change).  I highly recommend this to anyone who has a health issue, a mental issue or simply want a change in their lives.

Anonymous, Dubai

It was such an amazing and fascinating experience. Nigora taught me so many things about food properties, mental consciousness, who I am really. She also taught me how to incorporate new good habits in my life which make me happier and healthier. In short, Nigora changed my perception of things and made me a stronger person.