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I am very thankful to Nigora as I managed to lose 10kg by commiting myself to the 5-week program in the book. Not only did I lose weight but my body also regained its athletic shape and I felt much lighter and more energetic. That gave me a huge push to start preparing for my next Ironman towards the end of this year!

Karim Salah

Dubai, UAE

As I'm about to start my 4th week of the program, I have noticed drastic changes in my energy levels! Not only that, the perception of this program became more of a habit adoption, rather than a challenge, which I think is the best and most important part of this program. I have lost 3kg so far and I am feeling better than ever!

Rawand Naji

Sharjah, UAE

I never thought I would be so disciplined on a diet, but Nigora's program made me seamlessly eliminate the bad eating habits  and substitute them with healthy habits. It's so gradual and smooth! I have lost 4kg in the first week, and my sleep quality has drastically improved, after the daily snooze sessions that I used to have every morning dragging myself out of bed, now I wake up without an alarm fully energized and fresh!

Safaa Idrissi

Dubai, UAE

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"It is time to WAKE UP to your health, so that you can finally LIVE your life..."