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What is Face Culture all about?

Face Culture is my idea of showing women that there is a way to look after your skin that is natural, enjoyable and easy. The concept encompasses face fitness (face exercises), face massage techniques, recommendation of natural skin products, the right diet and supplements for the skin. As you adopt the Face Culture concept you will release the inner beauty and you will enjoy the true potential of your natural beauty. 

Face Fitness

Just like we train our body, we also need to train our face. With over 50 muscles on our face, we need to work some of them and learn to relax the others, because if we don't...we will end up with lines and wrinkles way too early in our lives and will resort to unnatural ways of anti-ageing - botox, liners and fillers. 


Face Massages

Whether it is using your own hands, vacuum cup or hot spoons, self facial massages are above all a therapeutic 

way to show self-love. We never really touch our face in this manner. On the other side, massages are important to relax the muscles on the face, improve blood circulation and lymphatic system. 

Diet and Supplements

Without treating what goes into the body, we cannot fully control the quality of the skin and the health of the facial muscles. The right diet, the right water intake and supplements can transform your skin quality to a much healthier younger look!


This program is for you IF:

- You want to eliminate existing wrinkles and lines

- You want to eliminate dark circles / puffy eyes

- You want to enjoy radiant and healthy skin

- You want to have the choice to wear less make up

- You want to learn how to have a natural facial skin care routine

- You want to learn how to control your mimic expressions 

- You had enough of dull skin with frequent break outs

- You want to avoid chemical treatments (botox, liners, injections)

No matter your age, no matter the state of your current skin or your skincare routine, it is ALWAYS good to start identifying your Face Culture and get to know your face like never before!


Face Culture Programs in Dubai

4 week program

Weekly sessions for 75 minutes

5 people in the group

What is included:

- file with exercises and images

- vacuum cup (one size)

- face patches

- facial soap

- face mask

You will learn: face warm up & face exercise routine, vacuum cup massage, hot spoon massage, self-face massage, how to apply cream, what supplements and food for healthy skin


Package 1: 4-week Program AED 750

Package 2: Program + 1hr Face Rejuvanation Massage (worth AED 300) AED 950


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