FACe Massages

- One of the best ways to show you care -

My Experience

Giving a Face Massage is my way to connect with your skin, muscles, cells. With the movement of my hands it is as if I am dancing with your skin - reviving it to live its true potential. Whether I give the Face Lift & Rejuvenation massage or the Classical massage, I am giving space for the skin to start the self-repair, self-healing journey without invasive or harsh treatments. 

Your Experience 

Whatever massage you choose, you will feel rested, glowing and left wanting more! You may fall into a restful sleep or a deep coma, and wake up feeling like you just had a full body massage. The blood circulation of the skin will be improved, the skin will look brighter, the face will be more relaxed and relieved of all the held tension. 


Choose your experience, choose to pay either through PayPal or In Person (bank transfer required before the appt) and show up on time for the best hour of the day! 

Below is a list of single treatments, however packages are also available. Please email for package details and price.