Lifestyle Shift in 5 Weeks

A simple guide to revive your health!

Start your transformation today by following the weekly protocols provided in this guide! Shopping list, what to eat, what to avoid, how to start your mornings, when to exercise - all in one book for you! The program includes Educational Handouts Booklet to assist you in your journey to infinite health and happiness!

In addition, you will receive a FREE Recipe Book by Eat The Sun - a collection of simple recipes that even young bachelors can make!

RUSSIAN and ARABIC versions will be released very soon!

For a very affordable price you can expect to lose weight, regain energy, sleep well and learn about the wonders of food!

Don't miss a chance to Skype with Nigora to discuss customization of the program for your specific needs if you opt for the Ultimate Version. 

2 Versions Available: 

Basic Version

5 week Program

Ultimate Version

Educational Handouts

Recipe Book

2 Skype Sessions w/Nigora

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“With only 1% positive change in your lifestyle, expect your body to respond with a 99% positive result.” - Nigora

How to sustain yourself healthy:

Life of a Health Coach and Yogi

"My first book! This special book is about my journey of health, my awakening moment, the roller-coaster relationship with food and finally my true balance: the secret to my health and positive energy. The book gives you many perspectives, and I hope it will inspire you to find your true balance with regards to health and life in general!" - Nigora

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