6-Week Health Program

The best investment is the investment in yourself. 


If you want to lose weight or if your suffer from digestive issues, skin problems, fatigue, insomnia, thyroid, blood pressure, cholesterol or sugar problems, then I would like to help you. 

A lifestyle change or even a little tweak is all you need to help your body recover and help yourself enjoy life again. It is indeed a commitment, but when you feel and see the results after almost 6-7 days into our program you will overcome the initial fears and doubts.  

The 6-week program focuses on your eating habits, quality of sleep, quality of your breath, lifestyle habits and stress management - all important pillars to an easy enjoyable life. I like to have fun in my life, I work for fun, I travel for fun, I write my books for fun - but if I am sick or suffer from an ailment in my body how can anything be fun?

And that's the idea. When you and I work together it will be fun, enjoyable and very doable. We will get results, and sooner than you know you will be seeing fun and joy all around. 

If you live outside of Dubai, you have an option to sign up to the 6-week program through video calls.

Once you sign up for the 6-week program, we create a customized lifestyle routine addressing your personal concerns. The routine involves an introduction of new elements such as what to eat and what to eliminate, physical and breathing exercises, new recipes to cook and green juices to drink! 

Every week you will notice change in your energy levels, in the ease of digestion, in the lightness of your body and most importantly in your attitude towards life. 

The aim of this 6 week period is to get you to achieve your health goals, to re-energize you from within and get you ready to conquer the world! 

The 6 weeks are broken down as follows:

Week 1: Cleanse - necessary in order to reset the body and to reprogram oneself for the upcoming weeks, solely using natural foods.

Week 2 to Week 3: Repair the body with a clean diet consistent of vegetables, fruits, protein, healthy carbs and lots of liquids.

Week 4 to Week 6: Reintroduction of certain foods back into diet and mastering the art of Maintenance of the healthy lifestyle.

With a focus on Alkaline foods, the client will receive a recipe booklet to assist in the program, with delicious meal recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even desert.

In addition, the client will learn essential breathing exercises, customized yoga stretches and various meditation techniques