Eat The Sun 6-week Program

Weight Loss




Brain Fog


Sugar Cravings


and much more..



With small changes in your lifestyle, WITHOUT diet-ing and feeling restrained, you can achieve HUGE positive results which will reflect on your health, energy and body shape. 

Whatever YOU suffer from, it can be managed.

Whatever stage you are in, we can return you back to your BALANCE.

We offer group coaching programs that start monthly in Dubai. If you live outside of Dubai, you have an option to sign up to the 6-week program through video calls. If you would like to do private coaching, you have an option to sign up to the 12-week program. If you are not sure what suits you, get in touch!

"Wherever you are in the world,
I am right here for you."
- Nigora

Once you sign up for the 6-week program, we create a customized lifestyle routine addressing your personal concerns. The routine involves an introduction of new elements such as what to eat and what to eliminate, physical and breathing exercises, new recipes to cook and green juices to drink! 

Every week you will notice change in your energy levels, in the ease of digestion, in the lightness of your body and most importantly in your attitude towards life. 

The aim of this 6 week period is to get you to achieve your health goals, to re-energize you from within and get you ready to conquer the world! 

(Advance Payment through Bank Transfer)

"The program doesn't focus on the QUANTITY of the food that you eat, but on the QUALITY. And that's the best thing about the program!" 

The 6 weeks are broken down as follows:

Week 1: Cleanse - necessary in order to reset the body and to reprogram oneself for the upcoming weeks, solely using natural foods.

Week 2 to Week 3: Repair the body with a clean diet consistent of vegetables, fruits, protein, healthy carbs and lots of liquids.

Week 4 to Week 6: Reintroduction of certain foods back into diet and mastering the art of Maintenance of the healthy lifestyle.

With a focus on Alkaline foods, the client will receive an Eat The Sun Recipe booklet to assist in the program, with delicious meal recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even desert time!

In addition, the client will learn essential breathing exercises, customized yoga stretches and various meditation techniques

"I've been living with gout for the past 4 years and I weighed 115kg, smoked around 6-7 packs of cigarettes a week and my only form of exercise was getting in and out of my car. Let's just say I didn't have the most healthiest of lifestyles and it started showing on my mind and body. Then I met Nigora, someone who I was mocking at a party because she was talking about "living healthy" after I offered her a cigarette, yet after all the mockery she insisted. I thought to myself, if this person has faith in myself more than I do then maybe there's something more to it. I agreed to follow her program of 6 weeks. After 6 weeks of managing my smoking, managing my food, resetting my pallet, flushing my body out of the toxins and re-building my weakened body, I landed at 99kg and with regular uric acid levels. My smoking has decreased substantially and my body is thanking me in ways I never knew were possible. Ironically, I'm glad I offered Nigora that cigarette and made her a part of my "journey"."

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