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I am Nigora, and I am a Health & Lifestyle Consultant, International Author, Public Speaker, Yoga Instructor and a Face Fitness coach. Welcome to my home!

offer Health & Lifestyle Programs specializing in weight loss, digestive health, skin health, energy enhancement, deep sleep and chronic diseases such as diabetes, gout, hypertension, thyroid, cholesterol. I also teach FaceFitness programs and do Facial Rejuvenation massages in Dubai. 

I am available in Dubai and worldwide through video calls.

(Languages available: English, Russian)

Eat The Sun Group Coaching

A 4-week group coaching program to improve your eating habits, assist your weightloss journey, improve your sleep, eliminate symptoms of fatigue,  digestive issues and much more. A 4-week period to educate you about the healing powers of your body and mind! Available in Dubai at Life n One.

Face Fitness Monthly Programs

Did you know that the face contains 56 muscles?! And all of them need to be moved and trained, and even relaxed. Face Fitness is a great way to achieve that and the results can be miraculous: elimination of lines and wrinkles, radiant skin, lifted cheekbones, healthy skin and of course anti-ageing!

Individual Health Coaching 

Facial Rejuvenation Massage

A 6-week or 12-week private program to transform, to adopt new healthy habits, to eliminate health concerns and to feel rejuvenated and young again! Available in Dubai and through video calls as well. 


Using an ancient Auyrvedic technique, this face massage will leave you rested, repaired and rejuvenated. The muscles of the face will lift, skin will become brighter and the whole body has been reactivated through the acupressure points on the face. 

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Tired of feeling the way you do? Want a helping hand in achieving your goals with regards to health, body image and balanced lifestyle? Then you are in the right place! 

Join either of programs: Eat The Sun Program (online or face to face) or Mind.Body.Nutrition Program through which you will achieve more than you expect. Weight Loss, Energy Gain, Deep Quality Sleep, Strong Digestive System, Improved Training Performance, Higher Stress Resistance and most importantly POSITIVE PERCEPTION on LIFE. Everybody wants to be happy, but not everybody knows that happiness starts with a strong healthy body. 

Find YOUR way back to balance.

Join this transformational program and never look back again.

"The program enlightens you about how everything is all linked in your body i.e. breathing, thinking,eating, sleeping and helps you adjust everything simultaneously to achieve the maximum results." Layla H., Dubai

"After the program, I felt that my body is complete. My performance in sports increased a lot, considering that i was already strong before, and now I feel like a superwoman" Marina C., Dubai

 "I feel lighter and energy levels are back to normal! I joined your program thinking it is just diet correction but learnt lots more from breathing techniques, oil pulling, enjoying a nice bath, or even how to get rid of the jet lag!" Bilal H., Abu Dhabi